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Funny story

I change the draft tube from a 4ft to a 6ft this am (8). I poured a1/4 glass. As we all know we do not throw away. Had some foam at the bottom of the glass. I usually put my glass in the refrigerator. Today I rinsed the glass. Instead of drinking the water, I dumped the rinse. (I threw the water , drank the beer). I did not realize that is what I did and chuckled to myself.


I do not know how I missed this for 22 days in a row (I guess because I do not keg so skip this section).
This is indeed pretty funny only because I have know idea what you did.
All I know is that you drank the beer and threw out water and that makes total sense to me.
“I don’t drink water. Fish [make love] in it.” W. C. Fields

A German friend of mine told me water is good for making beer and washing your feet. My grandmother was German she never drank water

“Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water”. W. C. Fields

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There’s a bar in Michigan’s UP called Hoppy’s. If you ask Jane the Owner for a glass of water, she’ll tell you “water’s in the toilet.”

hahaha this is a good little thread :slight_smile:

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