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Funky smell from StarSan? normal?

cleaned my kegs w/ StarSan, dripdried them, then put 20psi CO2 on em. when I went to transfer beer from carboy into kegs I noticed a funky smell from the kegs. Is it from the StarSan? is it still safe to use the kegs without rinsing them?
I had the CO2 on it for about a day.

l would be weary of a ‘funky’ smell. Mix up some fresh star san and give it a wiff. If it’s the same smell you perceive as ‘funky’ I wouldn’t worry about it. If its not the same smell, clean your kegs and re-sanitize.

kegs were definitely cleaned well. very clean. starsan was the last step. I guess the question is twofold:

  1. is it ok to put starsan under 20 psi of Co2 pressure? for about 30 hrs? anyone do this before
  2. does StarSan normally “smell”?
  1. its fine
  2. No; take the cap off the bottle and smell it.

My guess is it’s the CO2.

You have not noticed it because it was mixed with a Stout, Porter, IPA… Now you are smelling it with a neutral type smell of StarSan.

StarSan smells like iodine to me.

I get a definite sulfur smell from Star San. It has never affected my beer as far as I can tell.

Same here. I’ve been questioning this recently as I only now seem to notice it. I don’t usually sniff the sanitizer.

You guys need to start sniffing the sanitizer!! Just kidding. My guess is it’s okay, the concentration levels are fine for no rinse. A couple days into the keg I’m not detecting any off favors.

Can’t you see the meeting:
Hi, I’m Jim. I’m a Starsan sniffer. :lol:

When I brewed the other day I noticed my Starsan smelled something like muriatic acid. There was a post about a brewers lid on his Starsan bottle breaking. Mine did too about a month ago. I just had it sitting on the bottle. Wonder if excess o2 getting into the bottle had anything to do with this smell. I also had my PBW turn a beautiful aqua marine blue. That was after I soaked my copper wort chiller in it over night. I had to toss the 5 gallons of PBW.

I’ve noticed a sulphur smell from my starsan after it’s set for a few days. I assume it’s starsan reacting with the sulfate in my water. I also assume the sulphur is at too low a concentration to neutralize the acidity. Any chemists out there who can enlighten me?

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