Fun survey about your craft beer ingestion

Here’s a fun survey about your craft beer ingestion:

Are you involved in this possible venture? I sent in my feedback and feel like the most important thing is care between the brewery and wherever the beer ends up. Tasting events would be the best because more care could be taken with a larger order.

Thanks for the feedback. Packaging and delivery is something we intend to take particular care of. Are you suggesting purchasing and taking delivery at the tasting events?

Yep, I figured it would be much easier to ensure proper shipping and storage with a bulk order for each area, then have a tasting event/pick up your brews once every month or 2. Then you could also taste before deciding what to buy.

Interesting suggestion…not something we had seriously considered for some reason. It does create the complication of estimating how much to have on hand and what to do with any unsold stock. Not too difficult a problem, though. Thanks.

Yes, at least. For a few reasons. I like the idea of being able to purchase bottle of beer at tasting events, it makes it even more worth it. besides the problems with shipped beer, it financially makes sense to not have to pay 3x the amount of beer for it to be shipped.

I’m pretty sure I could take care of that :cheers: