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Full boil w/ extract kit?

I just bought a few kits from NB and am going to be brewing soon as well as introducing a coworker (or two) to the hobby. I’m going to start them out on kits and then show them the wonder of all-grain later. So my question is with the extract kits from NB can you do a full boil (6 gallons) or do you have to do the smaller boil? This is going to determine if I’m brewing inside or outside as well.

You can do either, but most would do full boil if they could.

If you are going to show them AG later, you might want to do a stove to brew. Then a full boil extract outside. Then the AG batch. Also doing an ice bath cooling, then a wort chiller on the next batch.

I’d demo with a partial boil. Most people have a 3gal pot but not as many have an 8gal one. I thnk it also makes the process seem easier.

I showed coworker the wonders of AG yesterday. No need to waste their time with E or PM.

We talked about extract and PM, but after walking him thru those kit instructions and then actually doing an AG, he said, “that’s not hard…why do people wait?”


Yah I thought about just showing them all grain right away, but the one person is short on space and funds and the other isn’t sure if they want to get into the hobby at all. I figure if I show them that you don’t need a ton of gear to brew that they might get into it more.

You can do a full boil for extract kits. Just know your IBU’s will go up due to the larger boil volume. Put the recipe into a program as a partial boil. Then adjust the boil volume to full boil and you’ll notice the IBU’s will go up. Not a big problem. You’ll get better hop utilization which can be good. If you don’t want a hoppier beer, just cut down on the hops a little to get your IBU’s back to where they should be for the specific recipe.

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