Full boil Caribou Slobber

A separate post in the forum suggested reducing the hops by up to 20% when performing a full boil. Does anybody have any experience with full boil using the Caribou Slobber kit? The recipe says 1 oz US Goldings for 60 min, 1 oz Liberty for 45, and 1 oz Willamette for 15. Should I reduce the ounces or shorten the time? By the way, this is my first time brewing anything, ever.

When doing Full Volume Boils of extract, you should reduce your bittering hops by 10% to 20% depending on the gravity of beer you’re brewing (the higher the gravity, the less you need to reduce it by). As a rule of thumb, I reduce the bittering hops as follows: 10% for 1.065 and above, 15% for 1.035 to 1.065, and 20% for 1.000 to 1.035.

Your bittering hops are whichever hops you boil for 60 min. (or the entire length of the boil time); in your case, the U.S. Goldings. I brewed this recently and reduced the Goldings to 0.85 oz. If you don’t have a gram scale, you can just eyeball it.

Welcome to homebrewing! You’ll be able to find tons of info. on this forum from many people who have plenty of experience. It has certainly shortened my learning curve. :cheers: