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Fs - brutus 10

The time has come, I’m moving and don’t have the room to take it with me.

So I’m looking for a good home for my Brutus 10 system.

The frame is all 1.5 inch 16 gauge stainless steel, that can hold 10-20 Gal kettles with Hurricane 10" low pressure burners running at 60,000 BTU running around 2 PSI of propane. I’ve been able to efficiently get 3 brews done per 20 lbs tank. The HLT and MT are controlled with Honeywell 24VAC Valves by two Auber 1/16 SYL-2362 PID’s. In the propane line I have 3 safety valves I installed so you can control the flow of propane individually to each burner at a time with a two stage low pressure regulate for the propane tank.
Ill also include a bunch of random parts and stuff that was left over from the build, I have a majority of the receipts and all the instructions saved. The system can also be switched to Natural gas by switching out the springs in the honey wells which are included and spending about 15$ on natural gas valves for the burners.

Message me and I can get you any pictures you would like of the system

Here are the sources and references I used for this build.

Costs: (Estimated)

Stainless steel - 350$

Welder Labor - 240$

Casters for frame - 50$

Burners - 150$

Honey well valve’s X2 - 136$

Propane system (piping, fittings, regulator, hosing etc)- 315$

control panel total with stainless steel braided probes - 400$

1500.00$$$ for the complete frame and Control panel without the pumps.

Additional pictures of complete set up, frame dimensions and propane system.

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