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Fruit mead

Following a Mead post so I thought I’d post my process for feedback. It may be a bit unorthodox. First I put a lb of fruit either fresh or frozen in a 1.5 gallon jar along with 1cup of sugar and 750 ml of vodka. I shake it up every day for a week. Then I wait until it clears in about a month. I decant off the schnapps and bottle that. Then to the fruit I add 2lbs honey and 1 gallon of water 1/2 package of Cote de blanc yeast and half the nutrient. I cover with foil and let it ferment. When it slows down I’ll siphon to a gallon jug with the the rest of the nutrient and stick in an airlock. After about another 3 weeks when it looks like fermentation is stopping I’ll rack it again for the last time and wait until it clears and all the little bubbles stop. Then I bottle and cork. Comes out nice. I like my fresh pear best.

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Love the idea of using the fruit with vodka to get the schnapps, and then using the fruit in the mead. I should take that into consideration more with my brewing and try to use ingredients to get more product.

@porkchop mentioned to me with clearing the mead to use super-kleer KC. Not sure if you’ve had any experience with this.

Mine clears very nicely just from the racking

Yeah, it completely depends on the fermentation. Some clear just fine on their own. Others take some patience. When you run out of patience, finings work great. Super-Kleer works the best for suspended yeast and pectin haze in my experience, but sometimes it clears brilliantly on its own, and you can let it do its thang! It’s living, so it pretty much does what it wants.

I think yeast selection may be important.

This may be something I should try too… Do you taste a difference from the honey from different pollinater sources? Basswood as opposed to clover? Wouldn’t clearing up fruit with Camden tablets be a good alternative? Are we drinking this still or bubbly? Too many questions? :hushed: Sneezles61

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I’ve used wildflower and clover both are nice if there is a difference it’s little to my taste buds. I like it still at cellar temp. I don’t treat the fruit other than the vodka

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