Fruit Beer and Gravitiy readings

Just brewed my first batch which was a partial boil extract pale ale.

I think it will come out alright but the only step that really baffled me was how to get an Original Gravity reading without it being a pain in the butt. The wort got diluted in the 6gl. primary and the wine thief tool that came in the kit didn’t work very well and would not reach deep enough. I didn’t want to risk infection and waste wort by siphoning just for OG reading.

How do you guys get an OG reading when doing a partial boil beer?

Second question.

I want to try to make a cherry stout or something of the like. When is the best time to add the pasteurized fruit to the wort? At knockout and transfer to primary or somehow get it into a secondary primary fermenter?

Thanks guys!

I have done both ways. I made an apricot wheat and a blueberry wheat. The apricot I put in primary and the blueberry secondary. The blueberry had a sweeter more pronounced fruit flavor while the apricot had a more subdued flavor with less of a residual sweetness. Neither is wrong, just different.

Thanks for the reply…

Can anyone offer a suggestion on my first question? Sorry, I guess I should have made it two different posts.

im new at brewing to, but when i got my gravity reading i used a baster to suck the wort up then put it my test beaker sanitizing all of it of course.

Carefully pour it from the carboy into the test tube.

Either that or just don’t worry about it.

Thanks you guys for the replies!

I got a final gravity of 1.030. Just cracked one open after bottling for a week! Tastes okay but no alcohol.

It seemed to ferment like crazy for about four days.

I dunno maybe I will just call it Odouhls Pale or sumthin?

Can you give us a little more of the time line on this? Brew date, bottling date. Any other transfers.

What kit was this? A normal pale ale would be in the 1.050 range for a starting gravity. Ending with 1.030 means the ABV is ~2.7%

1.030 is way to high of an ending gravity reading. It should be below 1.020