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From the NB Blog - Lagers & Lederhosen

Lagers & Lederhosen

Is that a hint of autumn chill we feel in the air? Let the rest of the world go crazy over pumpkin spice everything. Beer lovers know the best thing about Fall isn’t some over-hyped gourd…it’s Oktoberfest! Grab yourself a rich, malty Marzen lager and click below to toast history’s greatest beer bash.

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I’m gearing up for my Oktoberfest party. It started a few years ago and I brew the beer and hopefully people bring the food. I deck out the property with Christmas lights and put out some speakers. This year I added a BBQ pit with a Santa Maria grill which we be welding up tomorrow. It has a double spit so some pork roast and chickens will spinning on those and all kind of sausage on the racks below. Being new England we also have a steamer going for clams and corn. Prost

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Getting ready for mine as well. Little later this year as I try to plan it around the local team’s away schedule. Have been doing it for 9 years now. I provide most the food such as brats, and a few side dishes. Most everyone brings some food item though. I also provide 10gal Oktoberfest and 10gal of another beer of my choosing. My only rule… You want BMC, YOU bring it.

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And take the empties

Oh my, this conjures up fantastic thoughts of peeps gathering and giving a hearty cheers to a brew! I am impatiently awaiting for my O-fest to come of age! :cold_sweat:Sneezles61

Is there anything that can’t be accomplished without beer? Didn’t think so!

Could be argued, winning a race :wink:

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