From the NB Blog - BBQ & Brew Part 1 of 2 | Contrasting Considerations

BBQ & Brew Part 1 of 2 | Contrasting Considerations

As summer draws near, it brings with it two unshakable constants of warm weather: beer and grilling. This is not surprising as they are some of the oldest traditions in human history, however, I think our ancestors would be jealous of the diverse options for both categories we enjoy today! So, how do you know which beer to pair with that sweet baby back rib?

Let’s be honest, ANY beer with ANY barbeque is going to be better than the sad, cold sandwich you had for lunch, but to truly leverage the flavors of the beer and the grill is to unlock a symphony of taste that makes both components even more mouth watering. There are generally two directions you can go to pair beer with grilled foods; using comparative flavors or contrasting flavors.

Comparative flavor pairing highlights flavors that are similar in both the beer and the food, like matching a sour vinaigrette with a sour beer, and builds depth and complexity to the strongest flavors of both. Contrasting flavor pairing highlights flavors that are opposite, like matching the highly roasted dark malt of a stout with the earthiness of root vegetables, and brings out new, subtle or hidden flavors of each. In this article, we will be focusing on the latter, the contrasting flavor pairings.

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I know I do a wicked braised beef short rib with Porter, but has anybody made a beer based BBQ sauce? I’ve always been tempted, but I’m the only one who really likes BBQ sauce in my house.

Wow, thinking about the sauces, would maybe a lambic make a good base for mopping/finishing? Sneezles61