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From NB Blog- Q&A with Omega Yeast Labs Founder and CEO Lance Shaner

Q&A with Omega Yeast Labs Founder and CEO Lance Shaner

Ready to step up to the big leagues? Our new Omega Yeast Labs line gives you exclusive access to incredibly potent yeast varieties – including never-before-released ProBrew strains for homebrewing. To get the inside scoop, brewmaster Bjorn talked with Omega Founder, CEO and yeast-whisperer, Lance Shaner. Find out what’s brewing from inside the Omega vaults.

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Can hybrid and blend yeasts be harvested and cultured for multiple batches?

Response From Lance Shaner :
“OYL-500 (our hybrid strain) is a pure strain resulting from the mating of two other strains. Thus, it is can be harvested and re-used like any other pure strain. Because blends such as our 210, 211, 212, 217, and 218 have multiple strains, there could technically be population shift over time. Although, in the 210, 211, and 212 blends, the two Sacch strains are very similar, so any shifts in population may not be noticed from generation to generation. Hope this helps.”

Thanks, you confirmed my expectation. The notion of population shift in a yeast blend is intriguing. Has any research been done on this process? Do Belgian open-fermentation beers show changes over time? Would an experienced homebrewer with rudimentary biological equipment be able to track a shift? Perhaps an idea for a geeky article in Zymurgy? :slight_smile:

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