From extract. To biab brewing. Mayhem ale

e. First biab brew. Came out awesome.

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Looks good! Congrats on your first! And, I don’t like that dude sitting in the background in swimming trunks while the rest of use poor SOBs have been dipping into the negative temps! :tired_face:


Nothing better than an all grain brew.


Yes! Congrats to yer hand crafted, by you, home brew! Very tasty looking brew! Sneezles61

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Next step. If i get my stuff in order. A compleet all grain brew. Got all my things now to create a. Mash tun

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I know you said you have done this brew before as an extract, how does it compare to the all grain batch.?

Think beter flav.

Good lookin’ beer! Enjoy the obsession.

You’ll need to compare for yourself as to whether or not a mash-tun is a needed piece of gear you want to use… I ditched mine after BIAB… Just simpler… and saved a bit of time… Sneezles61

Gonna use the mashtun with bazooka tube. Only for just in case. The bag rips or got a hole in it. So the grains spill into the wort. I still can use the wort than by running it true the bazooka tube. Could be overkill. But just in case

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Haha just been thinking about this. Even my wife says this turns. Into a obsesion. Maybe so. But like it lots. Its like in search of the holy grail

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