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Fridge Dimensions

Anyone know if the manufacture dimensions on fridges are the interior dimensions? Is there an easy way to get the interior info without taking a measuring tape to the store?

Thanks in advance!

Manufacturer dimensions are typically the outer dimensions. They specify the interior size in cubic feet. The most reliable way to determine the inside fridge dimensions is unfortunetaly by using a tape measure at the store.

You can cut out pieces of cardboard that are as wide in diameter as whatever you want to put into the fridge are. So if you want three carboys or kegs just cut out three circles the same size and lay them out in the fridge to make sure they all fit side by side. May still need to measure the height though.

Thanks fellas. The fridge I looking at seems only to available for online purchase in my area. But I will try my hardest to find something to measure.

Thanks again!

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