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Freshest Whole Flower Hops

Which Hop is in season and would be the freshest to buy? If so, where can I get them?

Probably something from New Zealand.

Otherwise, I think the US hops are not available until Nov/Dec time frame. It takes some time to harvest, dry and package them.

Keep an eye on Hops Direct and Fresh Hops for release times on the new harvest.

Thanks. I was thinking it was NZ or even Australian maybe. I appreciate the feedback. I just started my search tonight. I really want the freshest hops for the 2 IPA’s I started for dry hopping.

FWIW, I find the freshest hops this time of year are pellets.

Whatever you buy, I highly recommend only buying from a source that discloses the year the hops were harvested so that you know what you’re getting. The best available US or European hops you can get now were harvested in Fall 2012. The best available south pacific hops were harvested in Spring 2013 and have just started arriving in the US within the last month.

I’d like to think at this time of year that there would not be any older hops on the market. Trust, but verify.

My LHBS just got in a shipment of Galaxy hops from NZ. The hop harvest is in the fall in the northern hemisphere.

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