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Fresh Willamette Hops Extract SMaSH

Hello friends

So, neighbor has a crop of Willamette hops coming in that id like to use - may be brewing this weekend (ideally) with fresh hops or otherwise will dry them out and store them until i can get at it.

going to do an extract brew with them and wondered if anyone would have input on a recipe. ive not used fresh hops before nor have i put one of my own recipes together before so im flying a little blind and would love some input/tips

thinking of modelling after the NB ESB kit as i understand the willamette hops is typical for this style. also thought i’d pair with the new Maris Otter malt extract.

my understanding is its good to use a ~ 5:1 ratio when using fresh hops (hence the high amounts)

5gal extract batch

8lbs Maris otter malt extract
10oz willamette (60mins)
5oz willamette (15mins)
5oz willamette (5mins)

Wyeast #1968 ESB (with starter)

dry hop secondary 5-7days 5oz willamette (or more TBD)

Questions i have:

  1. for an extract would this benefit from a grain steep? if so any suggestions?
  2. benefit from the the addition of any other DME/LME?
  3. is 8lbs sufficient to get OG ~ 1.053-1.060?
  4. sanitize fresh or dried hops before dry-hopping with them?

not set on a smash but definitely want the hops to shine without burning anyones tongue off. thought it would be fun to do this year so next year comes around i have a better sense of how the hops behave.

any thoughts/tips/tricks would be awesome.

Personally I would use a standard dried hop with a calculated AA for the bittering and just use the willamette for late additions. I’ve only made a fresh hop beer once and yes you do need a ton to get the flavor and aroma. They might be a little too grassy for a dry hop but I can’t say from experience as I’ve never tried.

I’ve used all Willamette in a bitter, and found it to have a metallic taste. You might not get that from fresh.
Not that it’s a big deal, but if you steep with any grain besides MO, it won’t be a SMaSH. Is the extract 100% MO?
You don’t need to sanitize your dry hops, just the bag if you use one. I’ve never dry hopped with fresh.

I’d go with it. Could be great, could be OK, but I don’t think it will be bad. :cheers:

Edit: It is 100% MO

thanks for the input - going to use hop pellets (willamette) for the bittering so i can be certain of the contribution, then flavor/aroma additions with the fresh. heres the recipe i landed on (from te beer recipator). loosely based more on a enlish pale ale i guess than a bitter…will be some kind of monster either way…

again, more of an experiment to highlight these hops we have since ive not used them (or fresh hops for that matter) before. why the hell not right? will update with results.

Willamette Ale

Brewer: Joe Email: -
Beer: Willamette Ale Style: English Pale Ale
Type: Extract w/grain Size: 5 gallons
25 HCU (~14 SRM)
Bitterness: 28 IBU
OG: 1.048 FG: -
Alcohol: -
Grain: .5 lb. British crystal 70-80L
Boil: minutes SG 1.088 2.75 gallons
6.3 lb. Amber malt extract (THIS IS THE Maris Otter LME)
Hops: 1 oz. Willamette (5% AA, 60 min.) (dry pellets)
5 oz. Willamette (5% AA, 30 min.) (FRESH HOP)
5 oz. Willamette (5% AA, 15 min.) (FRESH HOP)
5 oz. Willamette (aroma) (FRESH HOP)

The Fat,
I am wondering how your beer turned out using this recipe? I have Willemette hops growing in my back yard that I am planning on using for a brew of my own. This recipe looks good and about what I would like to brew but, the reviews on this hope are a little negative. How was your experience with them?
Is there anything you would change? I also noticed this was posted about the same time last year, are you planning on doing another batch with the homegrown Willemette again this year?

Hey Millhouse -

Screwed up my acct so now I’m Valhalladay! whatever…

anyways, the original recipe posted was good but probably not great. I’m not sure i loved a wholly-willamette-based moderately hoppy pale ale recipe. just didn’t have the pop and refreshing quality i wanted. probably wouldn’t make that again but I’ve since found this and I’m going to put a couple on my to-brew list, especially for harvest next year.


in the meantime I’ve actually been using them primarily in big porters i keep making, which help me get through our Minneapolis winters (esp this one! holy s88T!!).

i harvest them in september or so, dry them and put them in freezer bags and store them in the freezer and i usually have enough to make a few batches. heres the recipe I’ve been working with and am really pleased with the results. I’ve been playing with the amount of hops and the bittering hops but i think anything would work to your taste. I’ve also made this with magnum as the 60 minute hop and cascade as a 30 minute hop, in addition to the late addition willamette. all boozy and warming and roasty and good which is CRITICAL this time of year for us northern folk.

Porter Montster Gojira
6lb amber lme
3lb dark lme
14oz dark dme
0.75lb crystal 60 (steeping grain)
0.75lb british chocolate (steeping grain)
0.33lb special b (steeping grain)
1oz nugget @ 60 mins
1oz fresh (dried) willamette @10
1oz fresh (dried) willamette @5
wyeast 1084 irish ale yeast w.starter

so, FWIW, hope that is helpful. cheers.

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