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Fresh hops question

So I’ve been brewing batches getting stocked up for winter. I convinced my girlfriend to try making some spent grain dog biscuits and I guess the dog loves them. She posted a pic on Facebook and one of her former coworkers asked for the recipe. My GF offered not only the recipe, but a couple of free samples and some spent grains from my Saturday brew. In return the recipient traded me 3 oz. of whole leaf Chinook hops from their hobby farm (who knew they started this and why wasn’t I told?). They are sealed air tight in food saver bags and are dated 8/27/13.

So the question is how much longer can I expect to keep these in the fridge or freezer and them still be viable? Any ideas?

I have a batch I’m brewing this weekend of something else and then all my bottles and kegs are full. By the time I empty something out it’ll be middle of winter when I’m not inclined to stand outside all day watching a pot. Worst case scenario I may be begging people for some bottles.

Normally “fresh hops” indicates whole hops that were just harvested. Can you clarify what condition these hops are in? Were they dried prior to vacuum packing? If so, they should keep for a year easily if stored frozen and vacuum sealed. If not, they are most likely spoiled.

From what I have been told they were harvested and dried, put in packages, vaccuum sealed, and kept in a fridge. They don’t look discolored at all.

Sounds like you’re good to go. I suggest stashing them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

I use whole leaf hops almost exclusively. I buy them in bulk and store them in vacuum sealed bags in the freezer. Still using hops from the 2012 harvest with no problems.

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