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Fresh herbs for the winter

I should have enough parsley for the winter unless I have a real disaster. The parsley plant on the left was in the house last winter. The plant on the right is from this years planting. The planter spent the summer on the deck. I’m hoping the garlic chives survive. The pot was in the dining room for one night. Had no idea the cats would eat so much of it. Will be potting another variety of chives today to fill the stand.

We bring in the rosemary for the winter and enjoy it on grilled bread with olive oil… I enjoy growing herbs on the deck, go over and rub some of the leaves betwixt yer fingers and smell the possibilities! Sneezles61

Our rosemary spends the winter in the dining room. Like you say ours gets rubbed also for the fragrance. The thyme plants seem to better in the west window of the shop which gets some heat during the winter.

My wife just started growing herbs and greenpeppers. And tomatos. Did build her. A system. Hydroponics. Now got to look for some. Fresh water fish. So i can use their shit as fertiliser. Think can buy some talapia fish here.

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I also love to grow herbs in garden.

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