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Freezer with Johnson temp control

Just set this up yesterday. The inside seems to be sweaty when it is about time to kick on again. Is this normal. I have the freezer temp set on 1 out of 7 and the Johnson temp set at 38 degrees.

First check this out. You might be able to return that Johnson Controller and save yourself $70. I was able to set my freezer to 37F using this process. ... ol-249612/

As for condensation it is a normal issue when converting a freezer to run above freezing, a lot of people use the Eva-Dry products and others use Damp-Rid to control the condensation.

yeah, a freezer will sweat like that…don’t open it unless you need to and use some damp rid; once the system has had time to balance itself out and everything is cool, you will just need to check to damp rid from time to time.

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