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Freezer Cleaner pale ale

After over 20 NB kits, I find myself with a lot of partial packages of hops in the freezer. I was already going to design up a partial mash version of the Shining Star kit but it appears I have good bones for my own recipe.

Here’s what I came up with after a few minutes messing with BrewToad and a hop chart. I don’t profess to be a hop expert so feel free to suggest.

3lbs 2-row
1lb caramel pils or whatever my local shop will have
3lbs Amber DME

60 min - 0.25oz Willamette 5.3%
60 min - 0.5oz German Northern Brewer 9.6%
20 min - 0.5oz Columbus 15.2%
5 min - 0.5oz Cascade 6.2%
5 min - 0.5oz Chinook 12.1%

47IBU, 4SRM, 1.048OG


Besides the Willamette at 60 I really like the hop bill. Add the Willamette at flame out.
The Cascade and Chinook at 5 sounds mighty tasty. Citrus/grapefruit and pine.

The Columbus at 20 is great to round out the 5 min. addition.

The Northern Brewer will do It’s job and bitter.

As far as getting a lb. of something from the LHBS. With 3 lbs. of Amber DME I wouldn’t bother with any Crystal/Cara type grain. Instead get another lb. of 2-row or the like.

I do the same “clean out” brews as well.

Thanks for the feedback. The Willamette was throwing me a bit high in IBUs anyway so moving it to the finish sounds like a winning plan.

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