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the local shops have closed down and I just need some yeast. I hate to pay shipping any place offer free shipping’

Oh dear Brew Cat…. We have a wine shop up north that Carrie’s dried yeast… and we seem to drive by there once and a while…
No local breweries that’ll dump some yeast in a jug for you?

did a search and Label Peelers ships yeast free with good pricing

Amazon Prime but you gotta watch the dates.

Amazon is my last option don’t like the company bad people and I hate the trucks. I have a long driveway and they leave the stuff at the bottom of the driveway. I get the package from USPS brought to my door .

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Different experience here. Our Amazon comes UPS or USPS so no smiley trucks.

Gotta watch Amazon with their Prime free shipping. Looks to me that a lot of the time the price is boosted to cover it. I check Ebay once in a while and find better deals.

We get the smiley trucks and they put the stuff right on the porch and usually get a photo of the package there. It’s next day delivery often. The only complaint I have is sometimes the driver uses my neighbors driveway and walks across our lawns because it is closer to our door. I’m not worried about the lawn and don’t think they are either but they really have no business on their property if the package isn’t theirs.

Back to your yeast. Our hosts flat fee shipping is a great deal if you are buying a bunch of stuff or pricey items but not so great for one small thing.

Exactly usually i put an order together big enough to get free shipping but a couple packs of yeast doesn’t add up. Like i said label peelers shipped 3 package of yeast priority mail free be here tomorrow. Amazon prime is not free and they treat their employees poorly. Everything on Walmart is free shipping so is alot of stuff on eBay an Etsy. Like you say Amazon doesn’t have the best prices all the time. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from a company on Amazon that scammed me an i got no help recovering my $$


I had never heard of Label Peelers before. Looks like for brewing their inventory is limited but I see Omega Lutra and free shipping is attractive so I bookmarked the site.

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