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Free Keg!

Yes, I got a free keg, but it is missing the post. … the thing that you screw the quick-disconnect adapter on to.
So question #1: What do you call the piece that I am missing
#2: where can I buy one?
(I have no idea why that is so large)

That looks someone was using that as a fermenter or bright tank.

That’s interesting because they usually have threads to attach the post. I recently saw a post that had a nut on the end… I’ll try finding it.

Here are some that would work, I think. You’d probably need to measure the whole there.

That’s why I thought someone drilled it out for a bung and airlock. Would be odd that one post was threaded not the other.

Most are soldered/welded on… But some aren’t… I’ll look at my non-usable kegs

What was it used for where did you get it?

Is it a 10 gallon? It looks like one I have and use it all of the time.

Are your posts welded on?

Wow all this help!.. from the top:
@loopie_beer : Yes the posts are screwed on, not welded. I followed the Amazon link, but it shows as unavailable, I seached around and found this


But the reviews are crappy.

@brew_cat: They are both screwed on, one is just missing
@brew_cat: I was buying some kegs on CL and the guy gave me this for free.
@hd4mark: Nope 5 Gallon, but I did see on-line where this design is used for smaller and larger kegs
@sneezles61 : Posts are screwed in, they come in two parts… see pic

But with the two posts on Amazon @$23, plus I would need a gas a liquid dip tube, it looks like this will cost $35 to repair, which is maybe the max I could sell this for. So perhaps this is just a give-away for someone who wants to spend the money to restore it or to put in a bung and use it as a tank.

Thanks guys!


One thing maybe. If you can not find the right. Size. Bring the keg to a welder. Weld a plate. On. The hole. And drill a new hole. The size. You can fit the conections

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