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Free Carboys

Hello all. Just took a job in AZ and my carboys can’t come. I have 7, free 5 and 6 gallon carboys cleaned and sanitized with handles for anyone to swing by and pick up. Address is
528 20th ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55418.
They are sitting out front on the curb. Help yourself and happy brewing!

What a generous offer. Will you be getting back to brewing after you relocate?

Absolutely. The only reason I couldn’t bring the carboys is that there was no room after I took my half barrel HERMS rig with burners and pumps. Excited for my first AZ brew but not excited about the water quality there. 600 ppm of hardness alone. Should be good for some crispy dry stouts.


That a nice gesture. Good luck moving to a new area. At least something to worry about. Adjusting the water profile

I hear a brewiana type auction way down in Exira Iowa this week end… Go right along with them free carboys… :grinning:

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