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Free Beer

I just recently finished up brewing an Irish Stout that I obtained some time ago and since it is going to age for a considerable amount of time, I decided that I needed something light to drink during the heat of the summer. I ordered Northern Brewers American Wheat beer as it sounded like a good summertime beer. When the package got here, it was in two boxes which surprised me. The big surprise is that they included two full grain bills instead of just one. I have some extra yeast, all that I need to make two batches is come up with some hops.

I live in southern Iowa and I know that Minnesota isn’t that far away but it was awesome to receive an overnight shipment.

If only they had messed up on the hops and yeast too. Anyway thank you Northern Brewers, the overnight shipment was just a regular UPS delivery and not a special order which I really think was amazing. I have waited much longer for stuff from other suppliers and they were just as close.

I lucked out with an extra complete kit once, years ago. It’s a very nice surprise! The only thing that tastes better than beer you brewed yourself is beer you brewed yourself you got for free! Just be sure to keep giving them your business in return, to keep the beer gods happy.

They have my business. When I get my orders the very next day, that really impresses me…

As far as keeping the “BEER GODS” happy, I always dedicate my first beer from a brew to the Original beer god, the Hamms Beer Bear, without whom I never would have learned to drink beer.

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