Founders Backwoods Bastard

Managed to find a 4 pack of this at my local grocery store. I am a self-admitted Untappd badge nerd/bordering on addict so I had been looking for this for a while. :joy: I will say that Dirty bastard is one of my favorite scotch ales. This version only adds to an already great beer to make it even better. It is amazingly smooth and blended and the bourbon flavor integrates wonderfully into the whole. This is very nearly a perfect winter sipping beer for my tastes. If you enjoy scotch ales and Bourbon aged beers, you cannot possibly go wrong with this beer.


Even better, hide a few bottles for a year or two! It’s absolutely fantastic with some age on it. I have a couple bottles of 2013, they’re incredible. I usually buy 3 4-packs each year, one to drink and two to age.