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Found Yeast! What should I make?

So I just found a packet of Wyeast 1187 Ringwood behind the drawer in our refrigerator which is good for two reasons:
1.) I didn’t accidentally use the wrong yeast in one of the beers I did in the last month like I thought I might have
2.) I have some yeast on hand to play with! (It is not very old, maybe two months)

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what brew to use it with. I am still doing extract, I’m probably somewhere around 15 brews deep. I have the St. Paul Porter going right now, I saw that the Imperial mild also uses this strain. I like everything. Any suggestions?


dogfish head uses a lot of ringwood. you could do an ipa with it.

So, This is a long read, but pretty interesting regarding the use of Ringwood Yeast, specifically in New England: ... ve-it.html
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