Forgotten Brew, good or bad?

Well, things were up and down all year and I have not done any brewing for a long time, most the year!
Guess what the wife just found!
Your guess is good as mine!
All I know is it is a ferment bucket with a dry airlock on it and it is full!

Whatever it is it should probably have been done back around Feb or March this year would be my best guess or maybe even Jan. ?
It was sitting off in a corner and lots of stuff got piled up around it so it kinda got buried and forgot about somehow.

I don’t even know what I brewed unless there is a label on the back side of it.
I been scared to open it or move it LOL
Wife said when she moved it it gave a puff of fumes when she sat it down and she about got drunk from the smell!

Anyone want to make suggestions on what to do with this stuff?
Should I just look to be sure no green mold and try to drink it to see what it tastes like perhaps?

I gave a little push down on the lid just now to get a puff to smell, I was expecting to get a bad vinegar smell, but surprisingly it smells rather good, so far.
I probably would not be so concerned if it went bad if the airlock were not totally dry and gunky looking.

I’ll check back in and check replies tonight before I open it.
I’d open it now and check it out, but I know if it looks good I’d want to try it but I have to drive in a bit

I’d definitely give it a shot. Worst case is severe oxidation, that’ll come across like wet cardboard. If its hoppy this is going to be muted. But if you like the flavor then its going to be fine to drink.

Maybe if the airlock was gunked up, it could have sealed. Look for wee beasties and decide if you can take the chance…

I had lost this thread and been gone a bit again.

I tasted the beer, it may be ok. I hate taste of flat beer, even store bought, so not sure if it will taste ok after carbed or not?

So now a question on carbing it. I don’t know what I made, it sat all year in the fermenter.
Is my yeast dead now or just dormant?
Should I just mix in some priming sugar and bottle?

Stir it up well, get the yeast and any sludge mixed back in since sitting so long everything is probably settled out that would. Maybe just drain into a new bucket without the bottom stuff and toss a little new yeast and priming sugar?

Not sure how to go with it from here.
I was thinking I might stir and prime now in fermentor and see if I get bubbles in an airlock, let sit 2 days to settle out any yuck, then bottle?

As for the taste, I’d say maybe somewhere near a slightly fruity mild Everclear LOL
Though I should try it again. I think I may have drank worse cheap store bought stuff, and was carbed it should be better since flat beer always tastes bad to me anyway.

WOW. That must be some good stuff that your smok…Ok, maybe not but how do you LOSE a bucket of beer? You also said you LOST this post. Do you see what i’m getting at here Wobbles, look it’s all cool and you will have some answers… when you check back in june of 2013.

Maybe he meant he lost the forums awhile back?? I would think you could tell if it had a clean after taste or not.

He or she LOST a bucket of beer and forgot about it. Just sayin.

What I would try (I say try because I have no idea really) is make a yeast starter, then boil up the priming sugar and once it is cool add the starter to that. siphon the beer into a bottling bucket leaving about an inch in the fermenter making sure you don’t take any off the bottom or top. Then mix the priming/yeast starter in and bottle.

You can add about 1/2 a packet of dry yeast to your bottling sugar when it cools down to 100F and then add it to the bottling bucket after ~15 minutes. Be sure to gently swirl the bucket with a sanitized spoon before bottling to get it mixed up real good.

Thanks for the help.

That was funny about how can I loose a bucket of beer and the forum thread.

Actually I THINK I was fermenting 2 buckets of beer at that time, sitting in 2 different parts of house, 1 I bottled but the second one was not done yet then,
Boxes of stuff got moved around and stacked near the beer bucket and it got hid out of sight off in the room corner.
Then toss in various problems like not being able to walk for a while with bad muscle, computer crash, hard drive crash in a different computer, then Bike crash when a Deer hit ME, not hurt so I jumped a bus a couple weeks after and bought one in CA and took a month to ride home just riding around.
It all adds up to lots of confusion and a lost bucket of beer and trying to get back into the forum, I’m still lost a bit here myself but hope I find my way sooner than we found that bucket of beer :cheers:

No, I have not tried Hare Krishna yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to know that you have a sense of humor Wobbles. Thats all i intended it to be. What did you do with this beer? You didn’t say but i hope it works out for you. Now back to the humor, when you took that long bike ride home did you travel down HIGHway 420… you seen that one comeing…no? Cheers and good luck with your beer.

I still not done it yet, I hope to get it primed and bottled tonight.
With all that’s gone on over the year my brew stuff got scattered here and there or sat and got dusty.

Finally found my Sanitizer last night! I had used it to clean some old used cookware I got cheap at a yard sale so instead of being with all the beer stuff it got buried in the kitchen under the cabinet.

Got my yeast together, hope it’s still good, will see tonight. Got a couple types. Probably use the Safal 05
Found I still have about 1/2 bag of dry malt.
Thinking of trying a little 48hr distillers yeast in a small 1gal jug maybe since only using it for priming, not main fermenting.

I have some used keg bottles and taps, like Tap-a-Draft kit, a friend got them drinking Coors light and I grabbed them before he tossed them in the trash.
Don’t have any CO2 cartridges for them but thinking I might try 1 gal in one of those little kegs and see how it primes and pumps naturally.
I figure even if the beer turns out bad I can use it for testing now anyway.