Forgot to aerate the wort before pitching yeast

Brewed a NB Cream Ale last weekend, I think , can’t remember honestly, if I stirred in the top off water after I added it in. It’s been bubbling away since all week, it’s active. Just curious if I’ll have any off flavors or anything else. I’ve searched and it seems like it’s not something I should be too concerned with, but had to ask the question. Not my first batch, brewed about 200 gallons so far…

If you poured the wort and top off water into the fermenter you should be fine. pouring into the fermenter adds a lot of aeration.

Which yeast did you use?

I often aerate after adding the yeast. Not too long after though, and for beer, not after signs of fermentation have started.

They say dry yeast has a lower dependency on aeration than liquid yeasts.