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Forgot to add malt extract until after yeast pitched

Another lesson in not brewing while distracted:

After pitching my yeast in my partial malt saison recipe, I looked over and saw that I had completely omitted the malt extract. I could only figure two options. 1. Procure a new vile of yeast, re-boil and add the extract, then proceed as typical. This would obviously screw up the hopping schedule, but there aren’t really aroma hops in this saison anyway-last hopping at 15m. 2. Heat the malt extract in a small amount of water, cool and then add to the beer. I chose the second option and did this within 20m of the yeast being pitched. OG was a very low 1.042. The reading was taken after this whole process was finished.

Will the latter option properly coagulate the proteins in the extract? I don’t really have a ton of fermenters sitting around. If so, I’d keep the brew as an experiment, but I’m inclined to just toss it and start over. At least I won’t have my gear tied up. Additionally, this recipe includes unmalted grains and should require a long time in the bottle.

Boo. Thoughts?

Several years ago a guy in the club did something similar. Making a pumpkin ale he pulled a sample for a hydrometer reading and pitched the starter. THEN saw that the OG was like 1.015. He found the LME sitting nearby.

We siphoned out ~1-2 gallons. Boiled the LME for 5 minutes or so. Cooled and poured back into the carboy. Everything turned out fine.

I’m sure yours will also.

Thanks. That helps. The 1.042 hydrometer reading was still very low, considering my initial target OG was over 1.060.

I think your method of boiling with wort, rather than water sounds better, as to help suspend the LME into the wort. Maybe it’s the same either way, but I wish I’d have thought of that. Fermentation is going wild, so I feel pretty compelled to see it through at this point, just to see how it comes out.

I’ll probably purchase another carboy and brew the beer in the intended method also.

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