Force kegging in sankey keg

Hello everyone!! Sorry for the newbie question. I have a sankey keg and just just a kegerator for Christmas. I have a spiced winter ale that is just about ready to be kegged and I needed and idea of how to carb it up. It has the D coupler on the kegerator. I would hope that I don’t have to take it apart to carb up the beer. Any help would be great!!! Thanks!

You dont need to take it apart to carb it but you do need to take it apart to clean and sanitize it. For taking it apart I recommend searching youtube so you can see how its done. Its not a difficult process but some ppl do have trouble with it at first. Your tap should have two spots to hook up a line. 1 is for co2 and the other lets beer out

You will want to look at a carbonation chart to determine how much co2 to force in compared to what temp you are keeping the keg at. You will need to lookup how many volumes of co2 are recommended for the beer you are brewing and then compare that to the temp to see what psi to set your co2 regulator.

Here is a site that helps you determine the volumes of co2 for your beer style and calculates your psi:

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply corogers!! That info will help. Is there anything I have to do with the coupler when I connect it to the keg and tap the keg?

me not using sankey keg but heineken 20 liter beer kegs hahaa took a while to see how to take it apart but long live you tube cleaning no big deal but did find out forced carbonation 20 psi for three days shake for about a hour or so and let it sit did try it in the kegulator form day one but did find out not enough carbonation going on so did try three days at 20 psi before i do put it in the kegulator after three days put in the kegulator at 12 psi for four days and end result awesome nice carbonation and retention


Once you put your beer in the clean and sanitized keg and then put it the keg back together you will have a small amount of oxygen in there that you will probably want to get out. You can hook up your co2 line and give it a few pounds of pressure. This will cause the co2 to sink downwards and force the oxygen upwards so it is at the top of the keg. Then, on the side of your tap, there is typically a purge valve. Just give it a few quick releases and it should get rid of most of the oxygen. From there you should be good to go. Just set the co2 psi to the proper level according to the chart I mentioned previously and give it time.



Thanks so much!! I’ve been going crazy trying to find info on these kegs to no avail. I’ve seen a couple of them, but some people are taking the coupler apart and doing all kinds of things to get the keg carbed.


Probably a dumb question, but I’ll ask anyway. Does the beer line go into the coupler when the keg is carbing or do I wait to attach the beer line until I try it out?

That is up to you. If the line is sanitized you can put it on whenever you want. If the beer line is on then you do have the chance that someone will move the nozzle which will let beer out. In the end its up to you. I usually have it hooked up myself

If your beer line isn’t connected, when you push the handle down to open the spear, beer will shoot out.


Good call! I didnt even think of that. I always just hooked it up without thinking about it. That could be a horrible mess.

Yeah, that’s one reason I don’t use mine much anymore. They’re also kind of a pain to clean.
There’s probably some way you could blank off the liquid connection when you’re carbing.