Force ferment test question

I brewed a batch a week ago and saved a sample of wort, about 1/4 of a pint and overpitched yeast and fermented it warm on the top of the fridge in a mason jar with the lid on loosly for about 36 hours…The starting gravity was about 1058, 36 hours later i took another hydrometer reading it was 1010…Does this mean that 1010 is my attenuation potential? Or can it get lower?..Im trying to fully understand the concept of FFT…Thank you

Unless your sample goes lower, it means that 1.010 is the low limit of your FG.

I’d think a fourth of a pint should be done by now so I’d guess 1.010 is your target. What style is it?

I’ve only done this for a couple beers but they were super high gravity (1.090+) just so I could have a rough estimate. It’s nice to know what you’re looking for.