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Force Carbonating

I just transferred to serving kegs a Bourbon Barrel Porter in Holiday Red Ale I purged with CO2 at 20 lb to seat the gaskets and set temperature to 36 degrees on the fridge and then left for work my question is I’m planning on Force carbonating these two in the morning when I get home should I call home and have the gas shut off till the morning or leave as-is, pressure was at 10 to 15 psi when I left second question is at what PSI do I force carbonate The Bourbon Barrel Porter and the Red Ale at.

Just leave it at the 15 PSI untill you get the level you like. Both of those are British style ales and should be served at lower carbonation. Also 36 is to cold for the style. Expieriment when you drink them. Let them get warm in your glass and you’ll notice a big difference


Thanks and 36 was for easier force carbonation plus I have a really big glass :wink: I was planning on shaking thing up I’m am should I lower psi to below 5 before I do this?

You can shake to speed things up but this can easily result in over carbonation. Plus the head will be thin. CO2 needs to dissolve in solution and hydrate to get that head you want. This takes about 2 weeks. This is why the set it and forget it method works the best.


Also, if you want quicker carbonation with less risk of over carbonation try this:

  1. with chilled keg set pressure gauge to 30psi and leave for 24 hours
  2. remove gas, pull the PRV
  3. set gauge to 20psi, reattach, leave for 24 hours
  4. remove gas, pull PRV
  5. set gauge to serving pressure and leave

I can carbonate beer quickly this way but once again the head isn’t where I want it.

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