Force carb vs natural

Is there a preference among this group on one or the other? I’m not in a big hurry and I already have the sugar.



I assume you are referring to carbonating in a keg?

I’ve tried both ways. Force carbonation is considerably more convenient and provides more control over the carbonation level. I know the real ale guys will argue with me, but I did not find any benefit to carbonating with priming sugar. The latter method also results in more sludge in the bottom of the keg and it takes longer for beer to clear. I found no difference in shelf stability.

I do both. I don’t notice any more “sludge”. Beers that need conditioning time like Belgians I would sugar carb, also if my keg refrigerator is full ill sugar carb.

So if I sugar carb is it ok to put the keg straight into the fridge?

So if I sugar carb is it ok to put the keg straight into the fridge?[/quote]

No you need to leave it at 70~ till the yeast do there thing. If you put it into the fridge the yeast will take a nap instead of eating your priming sugar.

Got it. :wink:

Priming with sugar can be tricky and, as mentioned, results in a beer that is cloudy longer and excessive sludge and yeast particulate in the bottom of the keg.

For beer that you serve fresh go forced carb, espescially hop forward beers will benefit on this. You can use sugar with cellaring beers but you actually dont need it in a kegged ones i think. Bottled long storage cellaring beers benefits from bottleconditioning due to the oxidation problem.