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For those who bottle

What system do you use to differentiate between batches if you have multiple beers in the bottle. I’ve been using the Brewers Best B logo caps only because I’ve had no trouble with them like I’ve had with the gold caps I bought from NB awhile back. They take way too much force to cap. Do you write on the caps? use different color caps? What color bottle caps do you use?

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Silver 0xygen absorbing caps all the time for me. I had some of the gold ones that didn’t crimp, and won’t try them again. I also only use plain in case I want to enter a competition (they ban any markings). To keep things straight, I’ve been writing an abbreviation on painter’s tape and putting it on the bottle.

Same here - silver O2 absorbing caps for everything. I don’t bother with competitions these days, so put an abbreviation on the cap. Things get interesting when I forget what the abbreviation stands for.


I use a black Sharpie to write one or two letters on the bottle cap for identifying the beer.

I use Silver O2 absorbing caps. I have only bottled for friends so I write an abbreviation on the cap. My upcoming two batches that I’m planning to bottle will be stored in different locations in my basement and different locations in my fridge to help differentiate between the two.


I use Avery ¾” dot lables. I run them through my printer. You can put plenty of info on them if you keep the font small.

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I just bottled yesterday using the BB caps but have been using mostly the caps that turn blue when cold just for something different. I like the design on them. Haven’t had to mark the caps yet and have been making labels. Right now 3 cases behind on that though.

I got a Brewers Best from my in laws awhile ago and liked how well the caps crimped. I was using the gold caps which I think we’re fermenters favorite caps from NB and I felt like I was going to shatter the bottle. My LHBS carried the BB caps so I was using them. I’m tired of the B logo on them. Grabbed a bag or silver, yellow, and green which are made by LD Carlson also marked as 02 absorbing to mix it up a little. Although I’m not sure how many companies make caps. I’m sure they are just repackaged as FF since they offer the same colors and patterns. There was a post about the gold caps being tough to crimp.

Just realized the caps say Oxygen barrier which means nothing. A nice marketing gimmick. These were not oxygen absorbing.

I buy the gold caps labeled LD Carlson from the local shop. I did have two bags of Fermentors Favorites from NB that were not usable because of irregular sizes.

I do exactly as @porkchop, even down to forgetting what the abbreviation is. I RARELY bottle and only do it from the keg.

I get ld Carlson caps from lhbs and usually write a few things on them in sharpie…the idaho7 IPA got “i7”.

Mostly I use the gold caps, but generally cap a few out of each batch with silver O2 absorbing ones.
I write an abbreviation on each cap, and then the full name and date on masking tape as a label.

I use whatever O2 absorbing cap I can get the cheapest. Every beer I’ve brewed has had a batch number in my notebook. I write that batch number on the caps with a Sharpie. If I ever forgot what beer that batch number was, I have my notebook to refer to.

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Avery labels for me, too. I use the plain white ones for readability.

Good luck with that. Hope you drink them before you get to be my age. I would be lucky to remember where I put them never mind what’s in them. If I bottle a small batch I just mark the caps. Bigger batches I make labels with more information.

The handy mans secret weapon, masking tape! Sneezles61

I thought that was duct tape

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No kidding, he’s even from Minnesota! :laughing:


:disappointed: Sneezles61

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