For my next trick

Well it’s already been determined hat I make crappy beer but I’m going to try to make something similar to 668 neighbor of the beast. Any advice?

Whatever you do; if it turns out don’t admit it here… :joy:

I never had the neighbor, but from the tasting notes I read, I would consider putting WY 3942 on the short list, but any Belgian style yeast should be fun. Can you get the temps to rise during the end of fermentation?

Took me a minute to get the 666 reference :blush:

Never had one but from the reviews and my love for Belgian and sometimes even more so American/Canadian brewed Belgian style beers I would like that one.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Good call on the Belgian wheat yeast I was thinking the duvel yeast. I have a Belgian recipe that has some wheat and Pilsner in it which I think I’ll tweak a bit. I’m pretty sure it’s a nod to duvel so I will look at recipes for that. As far as temp I’ll try the duvel regiment which calls for getting it up 80 and then lagering below freezing. Do you think 3942 will tolerate that

Honestly, I have no clue how it will be for bottle conditioning after the lagering time. My gut says it’ll be pretty tired, but I like my golden strongs very well carbbed, so I might still add a little campaign yeast at bottling.