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Food safe sealant that can handle heat?

I’m looking for recommendations on a sealant for threads on my counter flow chiller. I can’t seem to fix the leak, so I figured I would seal it more permanently. Any suggestions?

I believe you can buy food safe 2-part epoxy.

Have you tried plumbers tape? If it’s a connection that can be soldered that’s the best bet

Yeah, this is my 3rd chiller that has cracked fittings. I used Teflon tape as I normally do and its still leaks. If you look at the fittings closely you can see hairline cracks where the water is coming out. I’m tired of returning them and think I might screw the fitting in and solder it. The thing is, I can’t understand whether they are cracking from me tightening them or they are weak metal. Let alone the fact that I don’t understand why the copper chiller and the ss chillers I have had have brass fittings and not copper or ss? The fittings are 1/2" NPT and I just snug them up past hand tight, so they shouldn’t break that easy.

Perhaps this may help:

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s product page:

It is available on Amazon.

Are you leaking where the hose water comes in? Every chiller I’ve seen has had 3/4" GHT ( garden hose thread) not 1/2 NPT on the water in and out. The wort in and out are usually 1/2 NPT.

How about food grade silicone sealant (like caulk). I’ve used it in other food applications. ... B005XP5HO6
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