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Food Dehydrators

Wow, food dehydrators have come a long way since the last time that I used one. I love to make jerky and typically use my oven to dry it. But, the wife bought me a dehydrator for Christmas and I put it to use yesterday. The one she purchased is 350watts and has a built in fan for radial heat distribution. Jerky was finished in 6hrs, fantastic!

  1. , I have been making jerky all week. Cool gift man, you will find lots of uses for it.

Takes me about 18 hours in mine, and it only has 4 trays. :roll:
But, I guess that is what vacation is for right?
Chop some wood, wax the skis, brew some beer, jerk some meat.

What do you like to use for seasoning?

Overnight soak in a blend of worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, liquid smoke, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper.

Wow I did not expect to find a post regarding food dehydrators. It sure makes me happy to see you all talking about making beef jerky.
@Baratone IMHO you should consider adding a bit of Jack Daniel’s or Guinness to your overnight soak, you get a wonderful deep aroma of Jack Daniel and Guinness with each bite. Also you should consider making a smoker and buy a bag of hickory, mesquite, or even Jack Daniel’s oak barrel wood chips. That will put that liquid smoke to shame. Also your recipe for an over night soak is pretty much the same as mine w/o the worchestershire sauce and liquid smoke.

Already have the smoker and have made jerky that way in the past. Turns out great but its always a whole lot easier to pop it in the oven or dehydrator. I typically save the smoker for my homemade summer sausage and brauts. May have to try the Jack Daniels though, thats one thing I haven’t tried in a jerky recipe yet.

Yea Baratone that is the same recipe me and my dad used in the day; when when ran out of venison we would go to the grocery and buy packs of sizzalean (sp) bacon-- Good stuff

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