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Foamy RyePA

So, I made Denny’s ryePA and carbed it up in the keg. I keep blowing foam in the line. I haven’t really had this problem before. I tend to keep my keezer very cold and only run about 8-10 psi co2. I can see foam in the beer line, so I figured that there was something in the dip tube causing it to foam. Anyways, took everything apart and cleaned it…no change. I switched the liquid line to a party tap I had… No change. The carbination seems good, from what I can drink, but I’m going to see how it it is when I lower it. My keg lines are only 5 ft and I have read that could be a problem, but thought the extreme cold would counteract that… Which it has up til now. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks

Take off your liquid out post on the keg and clean it good, even removing the poppet. Sure you don’t have an air leak at the liquid post?

Did you naturally carb, quick carb, or set it and forget it carb?

What temp is “very cold”?

I have cleaned the liquid line and took the post apart and cleaned. I force carbed at 40 psi then 20 psi in 2 days before dropping to serving pressure. All at about 35 degrees.

Sounds like it may have over carbonated. You could try to fix that pretty easily to at least rule it out, and it’s super easy. I had an overcarb problem and someone suggested the following:

  1. Disconnect your liquid and gas lines
  2. Vent the keg
  3. Pop the gas line onto the liquid out post and let it fill up until you hear the liquid in the keg stop bubbling.
  4. Remove gas line and vent keg

Repeat steps 3 and 4 a couple more times, then hook it all back up to the way it should be. It takes maybe 5 minutes, and it worked wonders for me. Solved my overcarb problem. :slight_smile:

So I decarbed my keg a bit and now I can barely get a trickle out of the tap. I turned my pressure up to 35 psi and got just a bit more flow. I’m not sure where its getting clogged at. The tap on my keezer and my picnic tap are the same flow, so the problem is in the keg somewhere. I cleaned the dip tube and the post, but no change. I can only think the dip tube is somehow touching the bottom of the keg and not in its little depression. Is the springs on the gas and liquid the same tension? Maybe I mixed those up. Any other ideas appreciated. Thanks

Did you do this?

I have cleaned the liquid line and disassembled the post twice now. The poppet and post were both clean looking. I just thought of this, is there any difference between the liquid side and the gas side possibly? I’m about to just siphon the beer to one of my newer kegs and take this one apart.

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