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Foam but not "carbonated"

I have an Irish Red in a keg, first time kegging, and I cannot seem to get the CO2 “infused” in the beer. When I tap a glass, there is plenty of pressure and head on the pour and bubbles in the beer, but when I drink it, it has a flat feeling to it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

How long has it been on the CO2? It usually takes a week or so before it tastes right.

It has been on a few weeks…it seemed to get better every few days and now has petered out. Are there types of beer that lend better to forced carbonation than others?

At what pressure do you store the beer? Do you serve at the same pressure? What temperature do you keep it at? How long are your beverage lines? Inside diameter of the lines?

Most people serve at 10-14 PSI and store at the SAME pressure. Temperature will be between 34-44F and beverage lines will be 5-10’ long and 3/16" ID.

If you have a kegerator with, say, the standard 3-4’ lines or 1/4" ID, you don’t have enough flow resistance in your lines and probably have turned the pressure WAY down (under 10 PSI) to help avoid foamy pours. Unfortunately, this is too low to properly carbonate the beer, but many manufacturers will ship them this way. Answer the questions in my first paragraph and I’m sure someone will be able to point out your problem.

It sounds like you may have a leak. Most beers carbonate about the same.

If it still hasn’t carbed, try jiggling the keg just a little to disturb the surface, where hop oils/other might be contributing to blocking gas infusion, and increase your co2 pressure by a few pounds for 2 - 4 days. Once you get good carbonation as visible in a small pour, just reset your co2 back to serving pressure.

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