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Floating stuff on my beer still fermenting

Two weeks in on my fermentation and this stuff has been floating on the top for a week. Not sure if it needs more time or

if it can be normal. This is a wheat beer.

Let it go longer

Do I need to wait until until it’s gone away or lessen?

Looks like a little trub brought to the surface by CO2 offgassing to me. Having said that, do you have a hydrometer? The only way to know if it’s done is by taking 2-3 gravity readings a couple of days apart. If the gravity is stable it’s done.

Two weeks is about the time of my first SG reading. Your beer is looking pretty normal as some fermentations go.

What was the FG estimated to be? I’m sure it’s good
. Looks normal from here. Some yeast, trub, or CO2 bubbles tend to stick around on the surface for a little. Not sure what your plan is, but like others have suggested; take a gravity reading or two or three over a few days and see if it’s stable. Continue as normal from here.

If readings are good do I just skim the yeast off the top before transferring it to bottles?

Skimming would risk oxidation with the disturbance of the surface. Put your siphon through whatever is on the surface to siphon from below. Stop siphoning when it looks like the floating material is being drawn into the siphon.

I would give this beer more time though. The yeast that is in your picture will begin dropping. I often have some floating material from the krausen at three weeks.

Putting in the fridge for a couple days helps to drop particles out and clear the beer once it’s done fermenting. Then just take it out the day before bottling to warm it up

Going to see how it looks in a week before doing anything. Thanks for the replys. This help a lot with being new to this. Being new I have doubts about things.

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