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Floating stuff, maybe yeast?

Hi All,

Been a while since I’ve made my way to the forum. I guess that means brewing is going well, just plugging along! Anyway, just went to rack a pair of AG IPS’s to secondary and noticed some strange stuff floating on top of the beer (pic attached). Maybe it’s just some krausen floating around but I’ve never seen it look this way. Brewed 2 weeks ago Sunday, so just over 2 weeks. Normal fermentation as far as I noticed. A friend and I brewed a dead ringer, all grain from NB and a RyePA all grain kit also from NB. Both used the wyeast smack packs and both started fermenting pretty quickly, less than 24 hrs. Beer smells fine to me - going to rack a little later on so we’ll see how it tastes so far. Anyone seen this before?


May be yeast, may be floating proteins…either way, nothing to worry about.

I have the same thing happening in my stout right now. Doesn’t seem to be anything to sweat about. If it starts to gather dimension then I’d worry.

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