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Floating dip tubes

Thinking about trying floating dip tubes in my corney kegs. There are couple of different styles out there. What experiences are people having with them.? Thanks

Mine works great. Might want to get the filter attachment for dry hop beer. I use it on my fermenter got another for lager keg

Do you have the ball shaped float or the FLOTit type?

Ball shaped. Ive had no problems but ive heard people weight the tip down with a couple SS washers. They are a nice little gadget. I just got another one for free with an order from Williams

Do you have much beer left in the keg when it’s done?

I have 3 of the Clear Beer Draught System for the 3 kegs I usually have going. I’ve been using them for about a year with no problems. The customer seems good, although I’ve only had one question. Probably 1/2 a beer left when I’m done. Your last beer will be as bad as your first beer with the standard dip yube.

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