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Fliptop bottle gskets fused to ceramic top

Hi. I’ve been given quite a number of nice fliptop bottles (St. Sebastion ceramic bottles), but the gaskets on most of them are hard as a rock and they have more or less fused to the ceramic top. I’ve tried soaking them in acetone and MEK, to no avail. Replacements are about $9/dozen, so I’d prefer to not have to spend all that money if I don’t have to. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Although inhaling the stuff would be bad, melting them off with a blow torch? If that isn’t your cup of tea, a razor blade and some time and patience might work as well.

Could try a hot air gun, too.

I was able to use one of those dremel tool bits that are long and cut on the side to clean up a bunch of what looks to be the same sort of “cap”. I am pretty sure they are not ceramic because I had to be pretty careful not to gouge them. They were liter bottles from a brewery in Canada. I think they were made “stuck together” unlike the Grolsch caps. The replacement gaskets work just fine on the clean caps.

I’m willing to give anything a try. Thanks.

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