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Flavoring my Sweet Mead Question

Hi Folks,

I have a batch of Sweet Mead in my secondary.
THe FG is 1.020 and is about 13% ABV.
Would it be ok to add some Natures Bless Cherry Concentrate to the made to flavor it a bit?
It seems to nead a little acid for balance.
Should I just add some Acid blend when I bottle?

Natures Bless is 100% Cherry Juice

I have already added Sorbate and Sulfite to the Mead.

Any Suggestions

Not familiar with that concentrate, but nothing wrong with adding fruit to your mead.

Minor acid adjustments are easy enough to make as well, have you checked your acid level?

No havent checked acid level.
I dont have any strips or equiptment to do that.

You don’t need any equipment, just use your taste buds. Acid titration becomes inaccurate in meads anyway because of the presence of gluconolactone in honey. Adding fruit juice (or concentrate) adds both flavors and fruit acids and should give you a delicious result. Just start with a single glass and figure out how much makes it just right, then you can calculate the amount needed for the batch.

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