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Flavor after blow out

I was surprised with a full airlock on the one gallon cream ale kit. I think that I put nearly 3/4 of the yeast packet in by accident. My temp is 65 in the fermentor. I have sanitized and replaced 3 times. Also sanitized around the cap each time.

Now to my question: I am wondering how much flavor is affected by having a blow out? Seems that a lot of the sugar is lost. The “dough” in the airlock is super sticky. I plan to use either less yeast or 2 gallon vessel next time.

The flavor loss that occurred may not be noticeable. Your FG will be slightly lower. You won’t know how much lower until fermentation is complete.

One gallon in a one gallon fermentor is not a good idea. Go to a grocery store that does cake decorating. Pick up a two gallon frosting bucket. Our local store resells them for $0.50.

Thanks. It’s unfortunate that these starter kits come with one gallon jugs. That’s where mine came from.

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