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Flat rate shipping!

It is nice to see flate rate shipping return even if it is just for 24 hours. :cheers:

I don’t need anything right now but since I was one of the complainers about the shipping rate change I will be placing an order.

Thanks NB

I’m going to burn through all the gift cards my relatives keep buying for me to NB since they don’t know I shop on MoreBeer now. :smiley: Free shipping all the time beats Flat Rate for 24 hrs.

It might be a marketing move to see how many more customers they increase in 24 hours with a flat rate versus their new newer model to see if any will “come back”. I am going to be going through my gift cards too.

Well…Austin homebrew came out with free shipping today as well. Been spending money there since they do have flat rate shipping. Just feel like I should throw NB an order since I was one of the ones bitching about the flat shipping going away…

Thanks for the tip!

Crazy. Austin goes free and NB goes to “almost free” at $5.99. Smart move on Austin’s part.

Also haven’t ordered from NB since they changed their shipping policy but will be placing an order with the 20% off we want you back coupon they sent and 5.99 shipping. Hope 24h turns into it’s here to stay.

20% off!?!?

I got one of those from Midwest, “We want you back” 20% off deals…Unfortunately I don’t really need anything…

Good to know Austin homebrew does free shipping now. Will have to check them out.

FYI, flat rate from NB does not include all Blichmann products. $10 to ship those rubber washers I need for my Quick Connectors… :roll:

Also using the 20% off coupon. :smiley:

Anyone else having trouble accessing their cart and placing order? I keep getting “Service Unavailable” when trying to get to my cart.

I was having some problems but got it working. Today I get an email that says they can’t use that with the AHA discount. That was never noted in their restrictions…oh well.

Something big is going on with NB/Midwest. I’m getting almost daily emails from both, with all kinds of crazy offers and deals. They must be trying hard to drum up some more business. I just hope that they aren’t in too much trouble - I buy pretty much all of my brewing ingredients and gear at these two shops.

Kind of annoying to be getting hit with all this marketing blitz. I’m tempted to unsubscribe, but keep thinking that one of these deals might be worth going for.

The sale of British ales after the royal baby birth was an interesting tie-in. I’d love to see a Venn diagram showing the overlap between “American Homebrewers” and “Americans who give a rat’s sphincter about royal families” But whatever; it was a good sale.

There was one where you get a brix refractometer when you buy a 10 gal all-grain system.
There was another where you get a fermenter bucket for buying their stir plate.

In each case I can’t imagine wanting one, without already having the other. These kinda ring like, “We got a bunch of these in inventory that we need to move out…”

As for something going on, I’m hoping it’s just consolidating warehouses.

I loved the 3 and one free all grain offer they had. I tried to put in a second order, but it was after the offer ended (still within the 48 hr period, but it was late at night after store hours). I also took advantage of the flat rate shipping they had. It’s nice to see more of the all-grain specials. Though there’s nothing wrong with extract brewing, not all of us brew just extract.

Keep 'em coming NB. :cheers:

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