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Flat cider

I made 5 gallons of hard apple and 5 gallons of hard cranberry cider. Got ready to bottle, added 5 oz. of corn sugar, bottled and waited 3 weeks…Darn near flat on both…Is there anyway to fix?? I’m assuming that the there was no yeast left to work with the corn sugar…HELP!!

How strong was the cider? Add a little champagne yeast or wait longer if it’s bottled.

The apple was about 7 and the cranberry about 9…So, I could dump everything back into a bottling bucket, add some (?) champagne yeast and re-bottle??

Not if it’s already bottled. What temperature did you have the bottles. Warm them up and wait. A couple more weeks. If that doesn’t work carefully uncap and add grains of champagne yeast.

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Yeah, you can dump them into a bucket and try again… Cider isn as prone to O2 as brews are… But I would follow Brew Cat’s thinking firs… Just a chance it might take some extra nurturing as the simple sugars exhaust’s the yeast… Sneezles61

Man, did you follow any instructions or did you use unverified information? It sounds like you’re on the verge of collapse …

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