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Flat beer! Help!

Bottled Dead Ringer on 7/12 un Fischer fliptops so they are around 23 to 25 oz. I used Primedose tabs, 3 to a bottle this time and the beer is still basically flat to little carb.

What are my options? Should I shake the bottles up and let sit longer?

Can I pop the top and add another tab? The beer is good but flat. I have not really had this problem with corn surgar and used prime once before with great results.

Any help is appreciated.

I hate flate beer! For what it’s worth, here are the dosing directions for Prime Dose:

Recommended Dosage:
12 oz. bottles: 2 capsules; use 3 in styles requiring high carbonation.
22 oz. bottles: 4 capsules; use 6 in styles requiring higher carbonation.

It appears that three is definitely not enough, despite what Brother Maynard might have to say…

I’d drop a couple more into each bottle and wait another two weeks…

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