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Flanders Red: to primary w/ ale only? or introduce bugs?

For my next brew, I want to start a sour and have been eyeing a Flanders Red. I have found a recipe I want to try (a Jamil recipe) but have bee hearing two things about how to ferment, so I am asking for people’s ideas:

Should I ferment in the primary with a common ale like 1056 down to the low 1020’s and then add Roeselare to the secondary and let sit for months and months?

Or, should I go right with the Roeselare and stay in one fermenter?

Also, what about adding some oak? Some I have read used oak the entire time with the Roeselare while others have added oak just at the end.

What have successful sour and Flanders Red brewers done?

Depends… If you want more funk go with the straight blend. If you want less funk, ferment clean and then add the blend.

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