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Flanders red taste question

Hey guys,
So I just sampled a Flanders red I made 13 months ago and it’s been sitting on the wyeast roselare blend the entire time. This is the recipe from brewing classic styles. I’m not sure how I feel about the taste but it is strange to say the least and usually like sour beers. How can I really tell if it has become vinegar? It’s not very tart fruity or acidic. And I’ve also never had a commercial example to compare so I am thinking about just bottling it and hope that carbonation and being cooler temp for drinking will help it somewhat. Any thoughts? I might just mix it with red wine and bottle it also

Give it time

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You think I should leave it in the carboy? The headspace is about a gallon of space and starting to worry me

You can ad more fruit.see if you can add more fruit puree to the carboy. Let it stand bit longer. I did one feb 2018. Did sample test. Last month. Has nice flav. Time to keg. 10 of may.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. Bottle it and give it some time. Without knowing your recipe I cannot judge. It is not going to get any tarter or fruitier that is for sure. At this point you can blend it with a completed beer that is too tart and fruity or just bottle it. I would not pitch something this aged onto fresh fermentables

Ok thanks. I actually did have the thought of adding fruit so that’s good to know. I’ll bottle it today and let it sit.

Why do you think it’s vinegar? I doubt it. Drink a pint if you get a buzz it’s not vinegar.

I’m just super confused on the flavor. I bottled it this morning and primed it as well as added 2 grams of dry yeast so I’ll let it sit a few months and then try it again. I was thinking about entering it into a competition for some feedback.

Have you made/ sampled many Brett beers? They can be confusing and that is what makes them special. I have several strains and blends that I play with. They can change quite a bit with age. I am partial to the “barnyard” varieties but I can’t drink them everyday.

I haven’t had any that I know of actually. I’ll have to start taking around. I’m going to make a sweet stout tomorrow and dump it on some of the yeast I harvested from this batch thought. I harvested a quart

You sat the beer on primary for 13 months? If so I’d dump the yeast

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If you like the beer maybe build up some dregs

Ok I’ll buy some fresh. I have read that the second batch with a a roselare yeast cake is better than the first.

Maybe that’s after 4 or 6 months though

You will want to sanitize everything that has come into contact with this batch really well. The Brett strains are really hardy and you may not want everything you make to be funky. I went several years with StarSan only as my sanitizer. After a few cross contamination recently I have switched to using bleach, rinse, rinse, then StarSan.

Thanks for the info. I have dedicated all the plastic components that I used including siphon, bottling bucket and wand as well as all tubing to sour only. The carboy is glass so I’m not as worried about that but I might just make a new sour once a year in there.

Brett doesn’t care if it’s glass, stainless or plastic. :mask:

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The only kind i brew for my wife and daughter sister is a kriek lambic. Let it stand for 1 year. But do differnt sample taste. Here and there. But it does chance flav everytime. After year its stays the same flav. After kegging i dump the yeast. Only kind of beer i dont haverst the yeast.

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I have to agree. If people think the Roeselare pitch from wyeast improves with a second generation it’s because the balance of bacteria and yeasts strains is skewed to whatever the dominant strain is. Most likely the second pitch is less of its sour contingent.

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Good to know. Imperial has the sour batch kids I was thinking of trying with this stout

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