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Flame Out Hops vs Adding to Boil @10 mins

All right, I’ve been tweaking my first recipe an American Pale Ale. My current recipe uses 1 oz mixture of Cascade and Centennial hops @60 mins of the boil for bittering and @10 mins another oz of Cascade and Centennial for flavor. I was considering pushing the latter addition post-boil. It’s my understanding this will add to the aroma more without a big hit on the IBU.
I’m attempting to achieve a nice hoppy aroma with some bitterness ~35 IBU with a clean end.

My last IPA no boil hops at all only Fwh and whirlpool and dry came out fantastic


Neither the 10 minute nor the FO addition will really give you much in the way of bitterness. The FO hops will give you almost none if you chill the wort to 170 then whirlpool it for 20 minutes but that method will give you more aroma IMO.

10 minute hops are still considered armoa hops but can also add a bit of flavor and add to the overall IBU but very little in the way of perceived bitterness.

Given your goals for the beer I’d go with the FO or whirlpool approach. Lots of NEIPAs are now brewed with no bittering hops. I never thought I’d like a beer without bittering hops but I’ve had a few really good ones. I think the secret there is the grian bill though. I now you posted this grain bill in another thread but I forget. Did it have c malt? If so you’re gonna want bittering hops.


Got to try to brew a neipa. On time. Me not really into hazy beers. But the more i read. I want to try one time. What i have been reading indeed the secret comes from the grain bill. I do think

I don’t particularly like what the NEIPA has become myself. This is why you should brew it yourself. Mine comes out hazy but not a thick haziness if you know what I mean. No crystal and use a low floculating yeast. That’s what I do anyways

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I tweaked my grain bill a bit, but still the basics.

6.25lbs American Pale 2-Row - found a local 2-Row grown on the Verde River watershed called Sinagua.
3.25lbs German Dark Munich
.25lbs Briess Carapils

My original plan was .5oz Cascade/.5oz Centennial at 60 mins of boil (bittering) and .5oz Cascade/.5oz Centennial at 10 mins from end of boil.

I’ve read about the whirlpooling technique and believe that will be what I will use at FO for 20 mins at ~170F. I want that hops in your nose without the additional bitterness. I will still add the bittering hops at 60 mins.

I’m still looking for some locally grown hops and found a farmer in southern AZ, but haven’t been able to make contact. I might have to make a trip down there.

I enjoy a nice pale ale, but have to say that a lot of the local breweries have went hop crazy. But that’s why I was interested in this home brew hobby to come up with some beers me, my wife and friends can enjoy in the HOT Arizona summers.

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You may want to add some wheat for protien I feel it helps hold the aroma and maybe a little more flavor.

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Make sure you like the local hops before buying a large amount. Get a sample and try it

This is a 5 gallon batch right? With cent at about 10% and cascade at about 7.1 which is the AA of ones I have on hand, I get about 29 IBU from your bittering hops. That’s about what I used to shoot for on the bittering for my IPAs and about what a Bell’s 2 hearted has if I recall correctly. You MAY get a little more hop bite than you want from that…I’d keep it in the 22-25 range for a smoother lighter bitterness.

You may even want to try first wort hopping this beer. That would give you a smoother bitterness than a 60 minute addition and may be more pleasing your your wife’s palate. Just a thought.

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Yes 5 gallon batch. I’ll have to read up on the FWH procedure. Thanks!

Ok @dannyboy58 did some reading on FWH. I’m doing a BIAB. I have planned a mash out at 170F before removing the bag. So I assume I’d add the first wort hops after removing the bag and while I’m sparging the bag to obtain all of the wort possible. This would go into the kettle and I’d start bringing the kettle to boil leaving the hops in during the pre- and 60 min boil. Correct?
Would I skip the late addition of hops or even consider whirlpool addition?

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You are correct re: the process. They stay in the full boil.

I would still do the FO or whirlpool since that would give you more aroma. You could even dry hop it for more aroma.

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